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Important Considerations

Consent for Online Delivery of Annual Meeting Materials
Your consent will be effective immediately. You will receive email notifications of the availability of all future Oracle proxy statements and proxy cards online, and you will continue to access these materials online each year until you withdraw your consent.

Please note that in retrieving Oracle's annual meeting materials online, you may incur charges from your Internet service provider and/or telephone companies. By consenting for online delivery of your proxy statement and proxy card, you are giving up personal delivery of these notices via postal mail. You may withdraw your consent at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What technology do I need to access the annual meeting materials online? Is there any minimum configuration suggested?

You will need a web browser that supports secure connections and access to the Internet through an Internet service provider.

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How will internet access work?

By submitting a Consent Form, stockholders agree to receive Oracle's annual meeting materials over the Internet. An e-mail (to be sent to you approximately four to six weeks prior to Oracle's Annual Meeting) will provide you with links to the proxy statement and proxy card.

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If I consent to receive this material over the Internet, how can I vote my shares?

Oracle is offering its stockholders the option to vote their shares online, whether or not they decide to receive the annual meeting materials online. If you enroll today, then your annual meeting materials will be distributed to you in mid-September by email, including notice of the annual meeting, the proxy statement and the proxy card. This e-mail notification will have instructions necessary for you to vote your proxy online.

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Can I print or download a copy of the annual meeting materials?

Stockholders will be able to read, print and download the annual meeting materials online. To print the documents you will need to have Adobe Acrobat TM Reader software.
Download the free Adobe Reader.

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Can I change my mind or receive paper copies?

You can cancel or change your mind at any time and receive the annual meeting material via postal service.

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